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Do you need to convert large volumes of legacy paper documents to electronic format? Scopeware 2.0 S&R (Scan and Retrieval) automatically captures and organizes streams of scanned digital documents, converts them to text using OCR technology, and then stores the original image with the converted text.

Optimizes - high-speed digital scanners and copiers. Automate the organization of scanned material with no management or organizational burden on the user. Don't let your valuable corporate information lie dormant in a warehouse - transform it into accessible working assets.

Scopeware 2.0 S&R's key benefits:

  • Complete and Total Solution - Scopeware 2.0 S&R is easy to install and configure. Your solution can include server hardware, digital office devices, storage systems, and backup.
  • Automated Capture - Users don't have to name, categorize, or otherwise profile any scanned document in order to retrieve it later.
  • Unified Information - Scanned information becomes much more valuable when presented in context with all other related information. As part of the Scopeware suite, S&R includes scanned information assets with all of the other possible types of information.

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