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Database Development
Databases are at the heart of most effective websites. Whether it's enabling customers to extend Intranet data to partners and clients in a secure way, gather customer data online, or build shopping cart capabilities, databases are the enabling technology.

In addition to using some of the most popular commercial databases, we utilize Cold Fusion technology to quickly process records and manage user interaction. Examples of some of the database capabilities we offer include:

Inter/Intranet searchable contact directories

dynamic content published from the database

Internet Customer Relationship Manager
marketing and preference data enables the dynamic construction of web pages on the fly

Site search
database and search engine technology enables powerful site-wide search

Event/Course registration
manage course registration and history for seminars, events, and courses

Product Catalogs
create searchable product catalogs storing hundreds of thousands of records

Shopping cart
enable customers to shop online for products and services generating a shopping cart for purchasing and secure payment online

Data integration
load data from multiple systems to create an integrated set of data for inventory, ordering, patient data, and others

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