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ScanSafe offers the speed and reliability of high-priced document imaging systems with the affordability of desktop technology. When you can't get away from storing paper, store it electronically and access it anywhere. Connect ScanSafe to your database for easy integration of paper documents. Access documents across your Intranet, or securely across the Internet.

  • Scan hundreds, thousands, or millions of documents and access them with any browser
  • Provide immediate access to documents with your browser across your Intranet or Internet
  • Archive documents on CD-ROM, DVD, or tape for long term storage
  • Save money on storage and retrieval costs
  • Single user or multi-station scan stations offers flexible scalability

ScanSafe High-Speed Image Archive and Retrieval, Cross-Platform Imaging System

ScanSafeWith over 50 installations and more than 30 years of combined image system engineering work, the ScanSafe document imaging system has proven to be secure, reliable, and a favorite high-performance image system for a wide-variety of image applications. ScanSafe is a desktop computer driven document management system that meets the specific needs of high volume, secure document archiving. It scans paper documents to create digital images, indexes documents, distributes them electronically and sustains an open-standard, long-term archive. Users can retrieve documents from web Browsers like Netscape Navigator, or Internet Explorer, or high performance dedicated retrieve clients like the ScanSafe Retrieve Station. ScanSafe can store images on optical disk cartridges such as WORM, MO, Phase Change, DVD, CD-R as well as magnetic disk and tape.

ScanSafe will consistently and reliably archive more pages per hour than any other imaging system near its price range. This is accomplished by custom engineering software to optimize hardware performance without unneeded features that hinders performance. The operator of the system focuses on what he or she wants to do with a simple user interface, while the system runs the scanning, document quality assurance, indexing, compression, and storage at blazing speeds.

ScanSafe systems are easily expanded to include options such as an imprinter, OCR text searching, database interfaces, and CAR emulation. Since all images are stored in an open-standard TIFF format, future expansion is assured.

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