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Site Development
Creative Change has developed numerous turnkey Internet sites from concept to completion for an array of large and small organizations. We pride ourselves in developing sites that are easy to navigate, enjoyable to read, and create results for our clients. Our ability to understand your business and translate that into results on the Internet sets us apart from the competition.

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Successful Internet site development requires a unique combination of skills...skills that Creative Change has successfully applied time and time again...

Business Analysis
With years of business consulting background, Creative Change is able to understand and translate your business strategy into Internet results.

Market Analysis
The Internet opens up the potential for whole new market opportunities. Creative Change will assist you in understanding these new opportunities for your products and services to effectively reach customers on the Internet.

Internet Strategy
Too often, business strategy and Internet strategy are disconnected. Creative Change offers unique skills that create synergy and alignment between ongoing business strategies and developing Internet strategies.

Project Management
Navigating the path from concept to project completion is our forte. Using time-proven project management skills, Creative Change has successfully completed large and small projects on time and on budget.

Application Architecture
Rooted in business strategy, Creative Change is noted for our ability to creatively develop technology architectures that create results. Our applications often include best-of-breed, off-the-shelf solutions combined with custom integration or custom integration of existing data sources into Intra/Internet architecture.

User Interface Design
Resistance to using new applications often results from intimidating design. Creative Change begins by understanding users and their needs. The design that follows offers intuitive and streamlined functions.

Graphic Design
In-house graphic design talent enables us to iterate designs and prototype applications on the fly. The latest in Flash development offers our clients the ability to extend branding and image continuity to the Internet.

Software Development
The culmination of sound strategy, architecture, and design is crisp functionality. Creative Change develops code in most of the popular Internet languages & technologies that offer functional presentation with powerful access to data.

Database Development
Interactive, data-centric sites are our specialty. Custom database development and integration can streamline processes and provide the rich services that drive profitable and useful Intra/Internet sites. Careful design and attention to business rules emanate from each site we build.

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