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Easy To Use
New operators on the ScanSafe system require as little as fifteen minutes of training and no keyboard skills to perform production quantity document scanning

ScanSafe will continuously process 3,300 pages per hour, faster than competing systems costing four times as much

Any text or numeric data can be imprinted (endorsed) onto the paper as it is scanned

Standards compliant
Our Imaging systems adhere to industry standards

ScanSafe supports the World Wide Web standards ftp and HTTP for all compatible interface functions

Cross platform
We routinely connect to third party programs running on UNIX, VMS and other mainframe or client-server computers

OCR text search
Search for a word to find a specific page in a long document

Unlimited capacity
ScanSafe images are stored on any digital media, including removable CDs, CD towers, DVD, optical disks, jukeboxes, tapes and hard disks. There is no limit to the number of CDs or other optical disks you can archive with ScanSafe

Document additions
ScanSafe has special functions for archiving late additions that must be attached to an existing document

ScanSafe can easily be upgraded with custom features to meet your exact requirements

Database Connections
ScanSafe can image enable new or existing database systems through our open-standards based connectivity. ScanSafe has routinely been connected to mainframe systems, SQL, and standard relational databases such as Access, and FoxPro

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