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Internet Customer Relationship Manager



Centralize marketing data
ICRM offers the opportunity to centralize and manage all of your marketing data. Using ICRM, Internet users, Intranet users, marketing personnel, and department staff can input marketing data directly online. Create browser-based kiosks in lobbies or common areas to allow input. Import and export data from a variety of sources. Turn your prospect data into a valuable asset.

Build Trust
Trust must be earned on the Internet. To build trust, ICRM will allow you to offer your Internet visitors increasing levels of service. Allow your visitors to get started by opting to be notified of upcoming events or news of interest. As trust is built, your ICRM system can gather more granular details of customers' habits, preferences, and needs.

Automate Communications
With ICRM, you are in a position to personalize and automate email and postal mail communications to your current and prospective customers. Select the topics and preferences of interest and build an email newsletter quickly and effectively. Notify prospective customers of new products, news, and services that are of direct interest to them.

Optional Registration Module
Offer your current and prospective customers the ability to register for seminars, events, and even courses online. Manage the process of registration, email confirmations, event capacity, facilities, and fees. All information becomes part of your ICRM marketing system and prospect history.

Optional Secure e-Commerce Module
Accept online payments securely through the optional e-Commerce module. This module offers secure 128 bit data encryption to protect transactions while passing them off to your processing center of choice.

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