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Protect and Enhance your Web Investment
Your web site should be a profitable investment. With SiteFusion, updating content quickly and efficiently will keep customers and future customers coming back.

Deliver Content to Targeted Audiences
Organizing content by user context is important to retain interest and make the most of your web investment. With SiteFusion you can choose multiple locations within your site to publish content that best suits your audience. For example, publish late breaking product news on your home page and on product pages that immediately get noticed.

Reduce Costs
With SiteFusion, tasks that once required a skilled web programmer now can be done by anyone who can type. Reduce your costs for programming, and graphic design with SiteFusion.

Deliver Personalized Content
Internet users have come to expect intelligence from a web site. Using SiteFusion with our ICRM System allows you to build personalized pages for your users based on their preferences and use patterns. Imagine building a personal portal for users on the fly; populate their pages with relevant health news, services, products, and seminars that they have an interest in. Automate the personalization of email newsletters to your, customers and prospects keeping them informed of relevant news and information.

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