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Application Integration
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) may prove to be the "holy grail" of healthcare, providing the platform from which to improve the delivery of healthcare, reduce administrative costs, and streamline the claims and payment process. Today, information systems in hospitals and practices are a mix of clinical, financial, lab, X-Ray, and practice management applications that are proprietary and do not generally integrate well. Short of scrapping everything for a fresh start, Creative Change has taken a piece-meal approach to integration. By extending and leveraging your current application investments, new services are possible that enable integrated document management solutions, web-based results reporting, and access to patient records over the web to name a few.

If a fresh start is in order, we will assist you in analyzing the myriad of choices for Application Service Provider (ASP) based EMRs or in-house EMR systems. With nearly a decade of evolution under their belts, there are clear winners emerging with feature rich applications that fit a variety of practices and healthcare ogranizations. Some of the features and results practices are experiencing with EMR systems include:

  • Higher quality documentation of care
  • Reminders of health maintenance
  • Improved accuracy of coding
  • Reduced transcription costs
  • Improved communication and access to records
  • Improved management of medications
  • Reduced malpractice insurance costs
  • Patient education through web accessible information and results

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