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Integrated Suite
Scopeware 2.0 Integrated Suite is a complete information management solution that provides real-time wireline and wireless access to works-in-progress, legacy network information and scanned paper-based documents, email and email attachments, calendaring and collaboration tools, and more.

Provide secure access to information with document-based permissioning. Maximize the value of your information by putting information in the hands of the people who need it now. Old information, new information - where you want it, when you need it.

Scopeware 2.0 Integrated Suite puts the features of the powerful Scopeware modules at your organization's fingertips. Powered by patented revolutionary information storage, and access technology, Scopeware 2.0 Integrated Suite captures, indexes, and makes available all of the digital and paper-based information stored within your organization. Users can search for information based on document title, document content, when the document was created, document type, and more - AND they can access the information from their desktop, laptop, PDA, or WAP phone.

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