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Speed your time to hire — Finding good talent and bringing them aboard quickly is becoming more and more a key success factor for organizations of all sizes. NetRecruiter automates the entire job requisition, approval, and posting process to find and hire quality talent.

Save money — By eliminating the time-consuming paper shuffle of job requisition creation, approval process, posting process, and resumes, organizations can reduce processing time and costs by 50% to 70%.

Flexible workflow — NetRecruiter allows you to designate work-flow roles for hiring managers, VPs, and HR representatives. Each role includes password sign-on and role-based menus.

Intuitive Job Searches — Internet and Intranet users can search for jobs quickly and easily by selecting a job category, job name, or other keywords. Jobs are displayed in list form with additional details and the ability to add multiple jobs to your "cart" for a single application process.

Easy Resume Handling — Users enter application information online and attach a resume file or paste text. Resumes are tracked by NetRecruiter for review by HR and forwarded to appropriate hiring managers.

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