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Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium

  • Connecticut's online college portal
  • eCommerce course registration & payment database

  "Since its inception in 1997, the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium has relied on Creative Change as its technology delivery agent. In that role Creative Change has supported the CTDLC's growth from a single small server to 10 enterprise level servers handling three Learning Management Systems that host courses for over 70% of Connecticut's online colleges."
- Ed Klonoski, Executive Director


The State of Connecticut established a central location for all Connecticut Higher Education institutions to offer on-line courses. Initially, this consortium of schools listed available on-line courses. Eventually the state-established Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium wanted more from the system, requiring the procurement of outsourced services. The subsequent phase of the system entailed transforming the course listings into a full registration and e-commerce site. They extended a Request For Proposal (RFP) that Creative Change bid on and won.

Because of the work we did, users can now:
  • Browse through course curriculum information
  • View seat availability
  • Register for courses
  • Pay via secure processing
The system maintains a complete history of all courses taken by user, along with personal profiles for detailed demographic reporting on classes and results. The consortium administrators have secure, user-friendly, back-end updating capabilities that allow them to continuously update the course listings. Today, the consortium boasts 4,500+ users!

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