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Bridgeport Hospital
2001 Winner

To Bridgeport Hospital

  • Dynamic content management
  • Indexed health content
  • Specialty sites within a site
  • Physician chat
  • Complete site hosting & management
  • Maternity Virtual Tour
  • Electronic Patient CheerGrams
  • Secure HIPAA compliant Intranet access
  • SiteFusion
  "Creative Change enabled us to use the web to help achieve our strategic objectives. They're great to work with, and I couldn't be more pleased with our website volume and other key indicators."
- Audrey Wise, Director of Marketing


Bridgeport Hospital, one of the largest and most comprehensive hospitals in Connecticut, approached us in 1999 with a daunting task: "take over our Internet project and have us online in three months." After two years working on their Internet strategy and design with little progress, we took the challenge and have been assisting Bridgeport ever since by evolving their Internet offerings and supporting their ongoing organizational strategy. The Bridgeport site has blossomed into five "sites-within-a-site" highlighting specialty departments and services.

Bridgeport Hospital has been a model client who understands the value of the Internet when promoting their core strengths. Enhancements to the site have been carefully chosen to support overall marketing efforts while driving revenue. The results have been remarkable, with a ten-fold increase in web traffic year-to-year and a direct correlation of user patterns to their desired results.

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