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The Heart Institute
at Bridgeport Hospital

2001 Winner

The Heart Institute at Bridgeport Hospital
  • Award-winning "Best Site Design" from eHealthcare Leadership Awards
  • Comprehensive service offerings
  • Heart Institute tour
  • Find a Physician database
  • Healthy Heart content

When it comes to cardiac care resources available on the web, this site is truly in a class by itself. Offering a wide array of information about how to keep your heart healthy, The Heart Institute recently received an eHealthcare Leadership Award for "Best Site Design."

One of the primary goals of the site was to focus on important information that a cardiac patient needs to know before and/or after a cardiac procedure. In addition, our client wanted to convey a strong message about the team approach used at The Heart Institute. When you visit this site, you'll find everything from "Warning Signs of a Heart Attack" to heart healthy "Recipes of the Month."

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