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To WellConnected
  • Searchable volunteer job database
  • Online volunteer registration
  • Dynamic content management, SiteFusion
  "Creative Change did not just build a website for me, they helped me make my vision a reality. That website has helped us reach out to markets we never thought possible. "
- Bonnie Jennings-Steele, Director of Volunteer Services


WellConnected, the volunteer organization for Stamford Hospital, always seeks to reach a diverse audience interested in healthcare volunteer opportunities. While volunteering is often seen as a job for the retired, WellConnected knew there was an untapped market of interested students and professionals.

WellConnected came to us hoping to create an enticing, intuitive website. We certainly helped them achieve that goal…and helped take them to the next level! Not only is their website user-friendly, but it also allows potential volunteers to explore and sign-up for specific opportunities. Today, the WellConnected website attracts hundreds of volunteers of all ages who can easily search and immediately apply for one or more volunteer opportunities on-line.

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